LEGO Knight's Kingdom King's Castle Playset 10176

LEGO Knight's Kingdom King's Castle Playset 10176
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Inspired by the legendary Royal Knight's Castle, the all-new King's Castle rises majestically over the kingdom. From the royal throne room to the wizard's magical laboratory, this is one of the biggest and best LEGO Castles ever! Raise the drawbridge, defend the gate with swinging halberds, guard the dungeon and help the blacksmith in his workshop. Discover the hidden treasure chest and protect the castle from attackers with catapults and traps — but make sure they don't find the secret entrance!

Includes king, royal knight, crossbow knight, 2 castle guards, wizard, blacksmith, 2 skeletons, evil knight, squire, and even the king's faithful dog and a glow-in-the-dark ghost to haunt the castle
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