Le Napoleon Wood Hand Crafted 40 Inch Length Model Boat

Le Napoleon Wood Hand Crafted 40 Inch Length Model Boat
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Product Description

This beautifull hand crafted model ship measures 40 inches long.The LE NAPOLEON II was built in 1851 in Medford, Mass. with a tonnage of 764 tons. It had an impressive length of 140 feet, a beam of 31 feet and a depth of 22 feet. The Napoleon was bought and moved to Sarpsborg, Norway. In 1869 the Napoleon departed from Christiania for Quebec. She was sailing in ballast, and was carrying 346 passengers. An outbreak of measles took the lives of eight passengers. When the ship arrived to the quarantine station at Grosse, fifteen were sick. The Napoleon was mastered by J. Ammundsen, and had a crew of 18.

- This beautiful ship was made and assembled by experienced artisans,with hours and hours of labors involved
- Fully assembled, ready for display
- Includes Stand
- Made of different kind of woods to give a distinguish and extraordinary colors of natural wood grains
- Shipped in wood crate with a carton box covered outside for maximum protection