Light Doodler

Light Doodler
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Product Description

Sound Responsive Glowing Visual Effects Maker!

Put a New Spin on Light! Experience a new way to play with light with The Amazing Portable Light Doodler! Utilizing advanced LED technology, a special light ring rotates at incredible speeds while you create a magical display of colored rings, twinkling stars, floating rainbows and more!

Now with The Amazing Portable Light Doodler, you can "doodle" with light anywhere you want! It's wireless portable operation and fold-down handle allows you to take The Amazing Portable Light Doodler to parties, dances, outdoor celebrations and much more!

The Amazing Portable Light Doodler features "sound responsive" technology - you can doodle with your voice or favorite music for a custom interactive light show!

Available in 5 colors: black, blacklight reactive blue, green, orange and magenta.

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