Linksys Tmobile @ Home HiPort

 Linksys Tmobile @ Home HiPort
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Denial of Service (DoS) Prevention Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) Linksys UTA200-TM T-Mobile home hi-port VOIP Phone adapter Router

A new paradigm for home telephone service As a wireless phone service customer who wants to keep your home landline phone but say goodbye to your expensive monthly bill, you can plug your current home phone into the Linksys UTA200 Telephone Adapter, and just start talking The UTA200 UMA Telephone Adapter leverages your current wireless phone service using UMA technology to link your landline telephone to your wireless GSM service providers network. The UTA200 has a standard telephone jack on the rear panel where you can plug in any regular home phone. No special connectors, no extra wires Once your UTA200 adapter is set up, you just plug in your phone and it works. Yes, your GSM wireless carrier now provides a dial tone The UTA200 is compatible with your wireless carriers standard features including Call Hold, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Voicemail with Message Alert, Conference Calling, to name a few.

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