Light Up Ant Farm Gel Colony

Light Up Ant Farm Gel Colony
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Product Description

Product Features

  • Ants are not inside box and must be ordered separately
  • Box includes order form to receive live ants by mail (Postage and handling fee required)
  • Ants shipped only within continental limits of USA and Canada
  • Allow 2 - 6 weeks for ants to arrive after you send in the coupon to the manufacturer

    Watch ants build 3-D tunnels in nutrient rich gel! No food or water needed! The contemporary design features a clear, tinted agar subterranean area for ants to dig. The ants will create amazing 3-D tunnels. All food and moisture is self-contained. It includes a mail-in coupon for live harvester ants. Adult assistance recommended.

  • Condition:Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90day
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