Logic3 LCD Pro Dock 30-Pin iPod/iPhone

 Logic3 LCD Pro Dock 30-Pin iPod/iPhone
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Product Description

The Logic3 LCD Pro Dock allows you to recharge & display video content from your iPod / iPhone, all from one ultra compact and stylish unit. Once docked, sit back and relax with the intelligent LCD remote control without being tied to your iPod / iPhone. The included Intelligent LCD RF remote control syncs with the docked iPod / iPhone, allowing you to browse and select your desired content on the remote's clear and easy to read screen. View videos, photos and slideshows from your iPod nano, classic, touch & iPhone via composite or component outputs. An A/V audio connection allows audio playback via your component home stereo system. An AC Adaptor is also supplied to power the dock and simultaneously recharge the docked iPod / iPhone. The LCD Pro Dock comes complete with both Component & AV audio Cables.

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