Load Leveler 1200 lb. Capacity (Engine Sling)

Load Leveler 1200 lb. Capacity (Engine Sling)
Item# FW_873

Product Description


  • Ideal to be used along with our 2 ton folding engine hoist or other brand 'engine hoist'. This load leveler is a great addition to your shop or garage if you ever need to transport or lift any heavy items such as a car engine or transmission. After you attach the engine to the connecting chains you can begin to lift it with a hoist and keep it level by turning the handle to balance the weight. This comes in handy when trying to drop an engine into a car and you need to balance it carefully while lowering it into the engine compartment.


    - Heavy Duty 20-1/2" Tubular Pipe

    - 1,200 Lb Capacity

    - 40"x5/16" Heavy Duty Chain