Low cost cell stun gun

Low cost cell stun gun
Item# lowcocestgun

Product Description

Notice: Does not work as a cellular phone.


This phone stun gun delivers 180,000 volts of knock-down power for instant self defense. The electrode for stunning is where the antenna usually is. Just touch your target with the top of the "phone" and press the trigger to apply the charge. Very solidly-built. It is also equipped with a 130 dB siren to summon help and attract attention. Includes cell phone stun gun, one genuine leather cell phone carrying case with slide-on belt/pocket clip, one woven wrist strap. Special switch design with a safety lock to prevent unintended activation, and it is easy to operate even inside the carrying case. Requires one 9V battery. Always use fresh, name brand (Eveready or Duracell) batteries. If you need the protection of a non-lethal weapon, but need to conceal it, this cell phone stun gun is a great choice!

  • Delivers 180,000 volts of knock-down power
  • High decibel siren: 130dB
  • Patented
  • Tiny compact size: 44 x157 x 32mm
  • One Year Warranty