Low cost Evaporative Cooler and Dehumidifier Combo

Low cost very efficient evaporative cooler (60W max) and dehumidifier (500W) would yield more cooling per "buck" than much larger AC units. Cooled by water evaporation and/or ice melting (equilvalent to 900W of cooling) the evaporated water moisture (if desired such as indoor) can be removed by a 30-50 pint dehumidifier. Air temperature could drop as much as 12-15 F degree downstream. The condensed water collected from the dehumidifier could then be recycled. Great saving on utility bills. In case of power outage the evaporative cooler alone (60W) may be plugged into a small power backup unit to provide comfortable cooling to the living quarter. Larger back up units (900W or more) could take both cooler and dehumidifier (500W) for keeping low humidity and "recycling" water in the air. Great tool in case of power-loss emergency.