Motokata Stainless Steel Heating Flask

Motokata Stainless Steel Heating Flask
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Product Description

  • Keep coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any hot drink "hot" for the long haul with the one and only aluminum electric heating flask.

  • We've all set out on a road trip after packing our favorite goodies and drinks. There's nothing worse than opening up a thermos or flask of hot coffee or tea only to discover that it's barely room temperature.

  • With our revolutionary electric heating flask you'll never have the unpleasant experience of cold coffee again. And it's not just great for long road trips. Because it's powered by the DC outlet in your car you can take it to the construction site, boating or anywhere you want to have a decent supply of your favorite hot beverage.

  • It's even great for keeping your favorite soup hot. The tough brushed aluminum design not only looks great it can take a beating. Oh, and did we mention that it's more affordable than most standard aluminum flasks?