Motorola V70 Cellular Phone (Unlocked) (R)

Motorola V70 Cellular Phone (Unlocked) (R)
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Product Description

  • A Motomarvel has arrived with the Motorola V70. Incorporating a never-before-seen rotating cover and circular display, the Motorola V70 exudes style and sophistication. The Motorola V70 blends design and fashion with function for the style-minded consumer who wants the most progressive and avant-garde mobile device. Additionally, the small and lightweight model V70 offers a full range of communication and entertainment features. Rotating heads will become the norm for those who dare to embrace it.


    - Change the display bezels
    - Organize the menu to suit your needs
    - Customize 32 of your own ring tones.
    - Blue electro-luminescent (EL) MotoGlo emanates through the translucent keypad.
    - Allows the user to open the rotating cover with one hand or keep it closed to answer or place a call with the hands-free accessory
    - One touch of the voice-activation key
    - Conference call capability
    - SMS* text message to one or 10 of your closest friends.
    - Exterior caller ID
    - Always on, always connected
    - Internet access
    - High-speed data service for sending and receiving information - GPRS
    - TrueSyncTM software to sync with your PC or PIM for mobile organization
    - Optional FM Stereo Radio Headset accessory
    - Calculator
    - Currency converter
  • Condition: Re-newed
  • Warranty: 90 days.