Pecksniff's Honeydew & Ginger for Women

 Pecksniff's Honeydew & Ginger for Women
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Product Description

Pecksniff's Honeydew & Ginger for Women

3.38 oz Eau Fraiche Cologne Spray

Notes so pure, they speak to your heart...

Resting beneath a shady tree, the perfect afternoon, picknic blanket covered with the food we love to eat, a time for relaxing and chatting, for laughing without care...

British Fragrance houses are extremely Rare, and we are very proud to be one of them.  For decades, Pecksniff's have specialized in the creation of bespoke fragrances.  Each skillfully crafted to match every facet of our customers personality and individual desires. 

Our ready to wear collections combine our unique bespoke knowledge, with master perfumery skills to create fragrances renowned for their quality, sophistication and creativity.