NatureBright Per3 Deluxe Wake Up Light

 NatureBright Per3 Deluxe Wake Up Light
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Product Description

L5050 With regular use of the PER3 light therapy LED desk lamp, you can enjoy more healthy sleeping patterns, banish "winter blues," and enjoy a little bit of bedtime reading with glare-free, bright and clear LED illumination. The PER3 is more than just an attractive desk lamp- it is also a daily alarm clock, and a light therapy device! The wavelength and intensity of this LED desk lamp by NatureBright will help improve overall health and well-being, in addition to treating Seasonal Affective Disorder! The built-in alarm clock features a programmable dusk and dawn simulator which uses proven technology to ease you into waking and sleep states. With its naturalistic dawn simulation and bright light therapy, this incredible lamp mimics both the gradually increasing light of sunrise as well as the progressively fading light of sunset, resulting in more balanced and restful sleep cycles. PER3 desk lamp features a swivel arm and pivot head allowing you to easily adjust the direction of the LED light. FEATURES - Natural light therapy LED desk lamp and alarm clock .- Programmable dawn & dusk simulator .- Adjustable swivel arm and pivot head .- Bright light therapy acts as an antidepressant and is clinically proven in treating SAD .- Useful for insomnia, fitful sleep, combating stress, and difficulties waking in the morning .- No UV rays- uses solely non-invasive technology .- Energy efficient, portable, versatile, time-saving, and hassle-free . Back to top SPECIFICATIONS - Dimensions: 20" H x 5" W x 7" D .- Weight: 5.3 lbs .- Long lasting LED bulb- up to 100,000 hours . Back to top

  • Powerful LED light - this glare free light is ideal for reading; Prevents eye strain, making long hours of reading effortless and enjoyable
  • Sunrise Simulator - the programmable Sunrise gradually brightens from zero to full intensity to help you awaken gently and peacefully
  • Sunset Simulator - the programmable sunset fades out to ease you into sleep
  • Body Clock Maintenance - clinically-proven to promote circadian rhythm adjustments and morning melatonin suppression
  • Easy-to-read digital display - includes the time and day. It is the perfect accessory for any room


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