Play-Doh: Creativity Center

Play-Doh: Creativity Center
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Play-Doh: Creativity Center
Open-ended imaginative play for your child - easy clean-up and storage for you! Kids can mold, shape, cut, color and more. They can use the 45 accessories and 26 molds built into the lid to add to the Activity Mat play! Mold meals! Make faces! Decorate a party! Create jungle friends! 'grows' hair! Easy storage! Look for more fun Activity Mats (sold separately). Contents: Includes table, lid with half-molds, activity mat, Play-Doh Pick up Stick tool, mini extruder tool (2 pieces), extruder (2 pieces) with rail, roller with 4 cutters and 2 handles, 3 two-sided molds, 13 cutters, 2 two-sided cutters, 5 sheets of paper, 4 crayons, plate with half-molds, 2 forks, knife, scissors, garlic press, 5 three-ounce cans, 5 two-ounce cans and 1 two-ounce mini extruder tool can of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.
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