POWER ARC Jump Start/Booster Pack

POWER ARC Jump Start/Booster Pack
Item# FW_2295

Product Description

  • POWER ARC Model 38082

  • Ideal For Auto, Home, Farm, Marine & RV Camping. You will have no problem jump starting Cars, Trucks, Boats & RV'S with the 900 Amp charger. There's enough power to start a completely dead battery.

  • When buying a POWER ARC unit, you know your receiving the "State of the Art" equipment you deserve. Designed for reliability and longevity.


    - Powered by Sealed Heavy-Duty Maintenance Free 12 Volt Battery
    - Use up to 50 Hours of Portable DC Power for Cellular Phones, Power Tools, Work Lights, Radio's, CD Players, Laptops and More
    - Built-In Work / Emergency Lights
    - Battery Condition Gauge
    - 3 -12 Volt DC Output Sockets with Overload Protection
    - Built in Air Compressor for Filling Tires, Air Mattresses, Inner Tubes & More


    - 900 Peak Amps
    - 400 Boost Power
    - Heavy Duty # 4 Gauge Cables With 400 Amp battery Clamps
    - Rechargeable from 120 Volt Outlet or From Your 12 Volt Car Socket


    - Auxillary lights
    - Powerful Air Compressor