POWER ARC Startmaster 245 / 35 Battery Charger

POWER ARC Startmaster 245 / 35 Battery Charger
Item# FW_2293

Product Description

  • POWER ARC Model 13962

  • Professional battery charger / booster starter will handle most automotive batteries under the most strenuous conditions.

  • When buying a POWER ARC unit, you know your receiving the "State of the Art" equipment you deserve. Designed for reliability and longevity.


    - Six (6) & Twelve (12) Volt Charging
    - Offers 165 Amp Boost Start and a 20 Amp charging rate for high capacity batteries and quick starts.
    - Constructed with a tough steel casting for added protection and durability
    - Transformer offers thermal protection
    - Three charging levels for both fast or slow charging
    - Fitted with heavy-duty leads for maximum power transfer
    - Fitted with an amp meter for accurate current readings.