PowerSports Drinking Water Purifier

PowerSports Drinking Water Purifier
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Product Description

Now wherever you go, you can have all the clean, safe, great tasting water you need, using any water source from home, work, school, restaurants, fountains, lakes or streams. This lightweight filter bottle uses an advanced microporous bacteriostactic carbon block to eliminate a wide range of water pollutants. The bottle can be refilled up to 160 times producing an equivalent of over $200.00 worth of bottled water. This filter is replaceable.

    Features and Benefits:
  • Eliminates the need to buy bottled water that is expensive and of questionable quality.
  • Simple to use - no pumping required, just fill with any source water.
  • Nalgene Bottle made of non-leachable plastic holds 22 oz. of water.
  • With municipal water the filter bottle can be reused approximately 160 times.
  • Produces an equivalent of over $200.00 worth of bottled water.
  • Can be used in gyms, biking, running, camping, golfing, car trips, domestic and international travel.
  • Children can take it to school instead of drinking fountain water.
  • Eliminates parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia greater than 99.99%
  • Removes bacteria like E.coli 99.9999%.
  • Removes lead & heavy metals, chlorine, industrial chemicals & other contaminants.
  • Laboratory tested to meet EPA and ANSI/NSF standard 53 requirements.
  • Helpful Hints:

  • This filter is not intended for use with saltwater.
  • Do not allow unit to freeze.
  • Do not place in microwave oven.
  • Do not run hot water through filter.
  • Filter has a shelf life of 50 years.
  • All contaminants reduced by this water filter may not necessarily be in the user's water supply
  • Capacity: 22 oz.