Promask 2000 Gas Mask

Promask 2000 Gas Mask
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Product Description

Item #: PROMASK. Get eight hours of safe breathing time! When used with the M-95 cartridge the Promask 2000 will protect against chemical and biological warfare agents such as:

Sarin and other nerve gasses Mustard gas Phosgene Cyanogens Arsine Radioactive and highly toxic particles Aerosols Bacteria Viruses Chlorine Ammonia Methylamine Hydrogen Chloride Organic Vapors P-100 particles Soft inner silicone orinasal mask, which gives the user superior comfort and safety and reduces fogging. Two filter connections to prolong breathing time.

Additional Features: Extremely low breathing resistance; spectacle frames are an available option; easy to service color-coded valving; efficient built-in speech diaphram. Ease of maintenance and competitive pricing reduces the user's cost. Mask includes one M-95 Cartridge.