Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Trackset

 Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Trackset
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Product Description

Continuous, action-packed excitement for your Hot Wheels cars awaits with this wall-mounted racing set. The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set features a motorized elevator and thrilling danger zones for the ultimate in continuous stunts, speed, turns, and tricks. Racers ages four and up will enjoy taking the race to the wall with this exciting, easy-to-mount set.

High-Speed Fun Reaches New Heights

Hot Wheels cars reach the top of The Power Tower by riding the swirling motorized elevator. Once they reach the top of the set, they're released onto the track. But watch out for dangers like the swinging saw blade and the car-chomping monster. With the right speed and skill, your car can safely reach the bottom of the set and return to the Power Tower elevator for more thrilling go-rounds. Otherwise, it's straight to the trash heap if your vehicle is knocked off or eaten by the car-hungry monster.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Pick between different tracks once your vehicle reaches the top of the tower. Move the diverter one way, and your car will head straight down a slope, navigate a turn, and encounter a car-crushing monster with opening and closing jaws. Or you can move the diverter to take an alternate route--after an immediate sharp turn off the lift, your car must pass a swinging saw blade that threatens to knock it off. This nonstop action is all about timing and strategy.

Build an Expanded Wall Tracks World

The Power Tower is easy to assemble and safely attaches to the wall with the included Command strips from 3M. Add the perfect backdrop for action and adventure with the full-color poster, which includes images of tracks, cars, crashes, and bystanders. For more Hot Wheels fun, connect the Power Tower to other Wall Tracks sets (sold separately) and build out an entire Wall Tracks world.

This set comes with one Hot Wheels car that can also be used on other Hot Wheels sets. You can load up to 12 cars in the Power of Tower elevator at a time. Please note this set may not accommodate all Hot Wheels vehicles.

What's in the Box

Power Tower set, die-cast car, poster, four hanging brackets, and 3M Command strips

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