RadDetect PRD 1250

RadDetect  PRD 1250
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Product Description

Dirty Bomb | Nuclear Reactor | Nuclear Bomb | Medical Waste | Radiation Contamination Personal Radiation Detector

Originally developed for military use, our key fob personal radiation detector provides you with the crucial information you need to avoid a dirty bomb or dangerous radioactive isotope. Crucial information that could save you, your family, your neighborhood and friends from exposure to hazardous radiation.

The RadDetect Personal Radiation Detector monitors 24/7 for high radiation levels. Readings are reported in real-time by a blinking red LED and loud beeping when radiation levels are rising and falling. Through this real-time reporting, and the unique Directional Sensor ?, you can quickly seek a safer place to wait until authorities can remove the radioactive source and decontaminate the affected area.

  • Durable. Passed EMP immunity and exceeds the MIL-STD-461D specs. The RadDetect Personal Radiation Detector is tested with a Marx Bank Generator and Voltage Gradient
  • Tests up to 145 KeV with total immunity. Housing constructed with water-resistant, high impact ABS.
  • Advanced. RadDetect? vs Nukalert? Comparison Chart Updated!
  • Unique. Dual Mode Detection: Auto-alert with Directional Feature and Diagnostic Alert exposure-level analysis.
  • Versatile. Detects High Energy Gamma, X-ray and Beta radiation.
  • Intelligent. Monitors automatically 24/7.
  • Simple. Instantly reports (less than a second) with audible and visual alerts when radiation levels are rising and falling.
  • Peace of mind. Know where its safe and where it's not. Instantly.
  • Fast. Repetitive monitoring alerts you to dangerous radiation in fractions of a second, not minutes like other keychain-style personal radiation detectors.
  • Solid State - Replaces older CDS cell technology found in other keychain-style detectors (such as the Nukalert) with a high-grade photodiode /scintillator w/linear photodetector & direct conversion. This eliminates temperature sensitivity induced false-alarms and slow 3-5 minute low-level reaction time found in other keychain-style detectors (such as the Nukalert). This new technology adds the capability of detecting Beta radiation such as strontium-90 (possibly in a dirty bomb) and radioactive iodine (I-131) emitted from a nuclear reactor accident or fallout from a nuclear bomb.
  • Real-world application. Dirty Bomb - Detects Cesium-137, Iridium-192, Thallium, Cobalt-60, Strontium-90. The ONLY keychain-style personal radiation detector that detects Beta radiation, which includes Strontium-90, a grave concern for dirty bombs (see below).
  • Nuclear Reactor Accident or Nuclear Bomb Fallout - Detects both high energy Gamma and Beta radiation from released from a nuclear accident/attack. With the presence of I-131, emergency heath officials may call for the administration of potassium iodide.
  • Wide alarm range - 75mR/hr to 2000R/hr. (Other keychain-style detectors (such as the Nukalert) detect only 100mR/hr to 50R/hr.)
  • Affordable. Low retail cost compared to other commercially available units with less features.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Small, rugged, lightweight, discrete.
  • 2-year Warranty. 100% Parts and Labor warranty. Twice as long as any other keychain personal radiation detector (such as the Nukalert). NU_PRD-250