Rechargable Warning Lamp with L.E.D. Strobe and Torch

Rechargable Warning Lamp with L.E.D. Strobe and Torch
Item# FW_2436
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Product Description

  • Use this tool in the event of roadside breakdown. Just place warning strobe on vehicle roof or on the roadside to warn others. The high intensity flashing strobe can be used hand-held to warn others of obstacles or accident scenes, etc. The integral torch can be used hand-held to check vehicles.

  • The torch can also be angled or swivelled to provide a self-standing work lamp for night time repairs.


    - High Intensity Sequential Red LED Strobes: For breakdown warning
    - High Intensity Danger Signal
    - Multi-Angle Swivel Torch: Can direct light where needed
    - LED Strobes can operate continuously for up to 12 Hours on a full charge
    - Internal Ni-Cad cells are rechargable via your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket
    - Torch can operate continuously up to 5 hours on a full charge


    - 17 Inch Long x 2 Inch Thick
    - Uses LED superlight diodes, witch produce high intensity pulses for minimum current consumption (0.3A)
    - Switchable for 12 VAC or 24 VAC systems
    - Integral Torch uses screw-in type 4 VAC 0.75 Amp Bulb


    - Tripod Base: For stable roadside use
    - Magnetic Shoe: Permits mounting on car body
    - Protective Cloth Storage Bag