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  • The game of world conquest
  • Features a tri-fold game board that is a map of six continents divided into 42 territories
  • Includes five dice, 56 Risk cards, and six sets of armies that contain 360 miniatures
  • Play three variations: World Domination, Capital Risk, and Secret Mission Risk

    Product Description In this classic game of military strategy, you will lead your armies as they sweep across vast continents to launch daring attacks against your enemies. But keep an eye on your flanks: your opponents are fighting to capture your troops and claim your territories. Reinforce your armies with additional infantry, cavalry and artillery, then attack with a throw of the dice. Now fortify your positions and prepare to defend your borders from rivals' attacks. Capture all 42 territories - and you conquer the world! Are you up to the challenge? Then embark on the classic Risk game of World Domination. For more challenge, use the rules variations for experts. And for a shorter variation, try the Capital Risk game. For the first time, Risk includes the European game variation called Secret Mission Risk, whose special cards give each player a specific "mission" to complete to win the game. So join the battle to conquer the world... and learn why, since 1959, millions of players have made Risk the military strategy game of choice. For 2 to 6 players. Game includes: game board; 5 battle dice; deck of 44 Risk cards and 12 secret mission cards; 6 sets of military miniatures: infantry, cavalry, artillery.

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