Panasonic EW3006S Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

 Panasonic EW3006S Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
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Product Description

  • Wrist blood pressure monitor automatically saves 90 readings
  • One-touch auto-inflate operation
  • Large digital LCD display
  • Simultaneously shows blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Measures 2.5 x 3.1 x 1.0 inches (WxHxD); includes 2 AA batteries

The Panasonic EW3006S Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with DFT Inflation accurately measures your systolic/diastolic blood pressure. This monitor is ideal for those who need to keep track of their blood pressure for medical reasons and require a small, portable device for easy portability. With just one the touch of the start button, the monitor auto-inflates for quick, easy measurements, while the Hand-Movement Detection Indicator eliminates any inaccurate readings by detecting and alerting you to stop moving before proceeding with the reading. Panasonic's Digital Filter Technology assures accurate measurement of blood pressure readings every time with sensors that isolate and detect only essential pulse oscillation, thereby eliminating noise factors which can cause unreliable measurements. The Irregular Pulse Indicator and Flashing Warning System detect and flashes a warning if an irregular pulse or hypertensive or high blood pressure reading is detected. The Easy-Fit Cuff stays put with proper location placement to assure correct and accurate use while the Digital memory feature allows you to capture up to 90 readings, with an averaging feature that can be and saved to track readings over time. This blood pressure monitor also comes with 2 AAA alkaline batteries and a convenient carrying case. Call our 24-hour, toll-free hotline run by Panasonic at 1-800-338-0552, and if there is a problem, we will exchange the product hassle free! All blood pressure monitors include a 2-year limited warranty. You can always trust Panasonic healthy living products to help you monitor your physical health in the comfort of your own home. Their range of blood pressure monitors are among the most popular on the market because they're reliable, easy-to-use, and accurate.