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Product Description

  • This flashlight is a high quality product made by RoadPro and is virtually indestructible and great for cars, boats, campers, homes, cottages and all emergency kits.


    - The light requires no maintenance so it can be left in your home or car for years, but will still be ready to produce light when you need it.
    - The Roadpro Flashlight will charge over 1 million times and works in extreme temperatures, hot or cold.
    - Simply shake the flashlight for 30 seconds and you get several minutes of bright light.
    - The flashlight is shockproof, waterproof and built to last a lifetime.
    - No more fumbling around in the dark for batteries in a power failure.
    - No more searching in the trunk for a flashlight with dead batteries!
    - Take it hiking, camping, fishing, and snowmobiling with no heavy bulky batteries to carry.
    - The Roadpro flashlight will work even in a driving rain storm.
    - This flashlight is perfect for emergencies such as power outages or roadside breakdowns.
    - Save money, never needs batteries, never needs bulbs, maintenance free
    - 100% Waterproof case & even floats in water
    - Light visible for up to one mile


    - Super bright blue/white LED bulb
    - 30 seconds of shaking powers LED for 5-7 minutes
    - Dimensions 8" x 1.75"

  • *Caution: There is a strong magnetic field surrounding the flashlight. DO NOT place near cassette tapes, video tapes, credit cards, or any other magnetic storage device or data may be lost.