Rubiks Race

 Rubiks Race
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In this game players race to complete a puzzle. Each player has a 5x5 slide puzzle with one tile missing. At the beginning of each round, the "Scrambler", a device that looks like a 3x3 Boggle grid with the cover on -- but using colored cubes instead of letters -- is shaken. Players then try to ... read moremake the 3x3 center of their puzzle match the Scrambler. Ages 7+

  • Rubik's Race game challenges you to match patterns with your tiles
  • Shake the scrambler to create a new pattern. Classic game and other ways to play
  • Use a Rubik's Cube (sold separately) to create patterns instead of the scrambler
  • Customize your play
  • Game base (2 pieces) comes with frame, 48 colored tiles, scrambler and 9 colored cubes.
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