Sobakawa Pillow

Sobakawa Pillow
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Sobakawa means buckwheat husks in Japanese. Sobakawa pillows have recently become very desirable and fashionable despite the fact that they have been in existence for over six hundred years! Although they sound a little prehistoric and traditional the modern sobokawa pillows are designed to modern day standards, and despite their age, are really state of the art.

The sobakawa pillows originate from the Orient and have been used for many centuries (about 600 years). Still to day in Japan the sobakawa pillow is the pillow of choice. The Japanese hold the sobakawa pillow in high regard because they believe that it has therapeutic qualities. The buckwheat hulls contains minerals that affect our senses in a beneficial way and make the sobakawa pillow far superior than its foam and feather counterparts. The sobakawa pillow is able to match the benefits of all other pillows in terms of price, comfort, support and longevity.

Sobakawa pillows are made from specially cultivated buckwheat hulls which is carefully picked and dried thoroughly. Most sobakawa pillows sold in the United States are made from buckwheat hulls grown in the country. When they are harvested they are cleaned using a triple cleaning process to remove the dust, buckwheat flour and debris amongst the hulls. The best hulls are the ones that are totally organic and grown without any herbicides and pesticides. These will be the best for those who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin.

One of the main benefits of the sobakawa pillow is that it helps the person resting on it to keep cool due to its natural heat control. The buckwheat contained in the pillow gets moist as you sweat into the pillow during the night. This moisture makes the hulls of buckwheat gently expand and makes the pillow heat resistant. The buckwheat hulls also allow the air to circulate within the pillow allowing you to cool off quickly. The idea of keeping cool is one of the main tenets of Orient medicine. The phrase "Zu-Kan-Soku-Netsu" literally means cool head warm feet. Once these elements are out of sync i.e. to have a warm head and cold feet, they believe that your body is prone to getting a myriad of illnesses.

The sobakawa pillows are also fantastic support for your head. The dried buckwheat gently moulds itself to the shape of your head and neck as you lie down and retains a high level of support throughout the night. In order to make sure that the cushion is extra comfortable you can invest in a cover or sham that ensures that the pillow matches the rest of your soft furnishings.

This pillow is ideal for comfort on the move and can be used in a car, in a chair at work or even on a deckchair on the beach! Due to its construction the pillow remains light and easy to carry at all times.

Dimensions: 20" long x 14" wide. Each pillow weighs about 4 pounds.