Waterpik Water Flosser

 Waterpik Water Flosser
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Product Description

Model WP-65W

  • Oral Irrigator - Effectively fights Gingivitis By Cleaning Where Brushing And Flossing Can't Reach
  • Breath Freshening Tongue Cleaner - New Tongue Cleaner Jet Tip Traps And Washes Away Bad Breath Bacteria

The Water Pik Oral Irrigator's gentle, pulsating action has been clinically proven to clean away Gingivitis-causing bacteria where brushing and flossing can't reach.  Perfect for cleaning around braces, crowns and implants.  Gently and effectively washes away food debris for greater freshness and cleanliness.

70% of mouth odor is caused by bacteria on the hard-to-reach back area of the tongue.  Contoured spoon shape traps and removes bacteria that cause bad breath.  Patented design provides pulsating sprays that wet the tongue and sweep away bacteria.

  • Multiple personalized pressure settings - from gentle massage to vigorous cleaning
  • Easy to use handle lets you control water flow and pressure
  • Use with water, mouthwash or anti-bacterial rinses, as recommended by your dentist or hygienist
  • Breath-freshening tongue cleaner removes odor-causing bacteria

Compact and convenient on your countertop.  Water reservoir doubles as cover for tips and handle - providing hygienic storage.

  • Condition: re-newed