The Sun Touch PLus Light Box with built in Ionizer

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Product Description

The Sun Touch PLus? light box features a built in high density negative ion generator for two treatments in one! The two most effective treatments for SAD are now in one lightbox. At this year's SLTBR meeting, researchers announced that negative ions are an effective treatment for SAD. The revolutionary Sun Touch PLus? is the first lightbox that offers two treatments in one device. The Sun Touch PLus? delivers 10,000 lux of safe UV free light combined with a high density negative ion generator. The Sun Touch PLus? also comes with a timer and automatic turnoff - features not common on regular lightboxes. The small size of the lightbox (half the size of conventional lightboxes) makes it easier to move or travel.

Ion Generator

The Sun Touch PLus? comes equipped with a specialized, high density negative ion generator. Recent studies in light therapy have shown high density ionizers to be effective in treating SAD. With the touch of a button, you can either receive 10,000 lux of full spectrum light, or combine light and ions for a better treatment.

Air Purifier

The Sun Touch PLus? eliminates the positive ion build up in the air and restores it to a natural balance. The ion generator also reduces many airborne viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust particles, leaving the air you breathe clean. You will feel and smell a difference in just minutes. The generator makes no noise when it's running, but don't worry, it's working.

Dimensions - 13.5"H x 9"W x 5"D

Parabolic reflector for brighter, more even lighting

10,000 lux full spectrum

Negative Ions - Produces 120 trillion negative ions per second.

Kelvin - 7,100 - The highest Kelvin 10,000 lux on the market!

(Kelvin refers to color. Anything over 5,000 is considered a full spectrum color.)

Suggested distance - 15"

30 Minute Timer - Unit automatically shuts down after 30 minutes

EMF protected

UV shielding

ETL safety listed

Patent Pending