Swivel Base Hydraulic Hoist

Swivel Base Hydraulic Hoist
Item# FW_849

Product Description

  • Color of the item may vary from the item pictured

  • Lift heavy items in and out of your truck with ease. Hoist mounts to truck bed, garage floor or boat dock.

  • This hoist can also be used to lift light watercraft, like a See DooŽ, in or out of the water when mounted on a dock.


    - Base swivels 360°
    - Crane arm extends for longer reach


    - 1,000 pound capacity
    - Maximum arm height: 8'
    - Height to pivot point on arm: 50"
    - Length of boom extended: 54"
    - Length of boom retracted: 39"
    - Size of base plate: 11" x 11"