Symbol? CSM150 Barcode Scanner For Handspring Visor

Symbol? CSM150 Barcode Scanner For Handspring Visor
Item# CSM150-I000-2MB
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Product Description

Symbol? CSM150 Barcode Scanner For Handspring Visor
CSM 150 Bar Code Scanner for Handspring? Visor? Handhelds - CSM150-I000-2MB

Handspring Visor unit NOT included

The CSM 150 scan module from Symbol Technologies transforms any Handspring? Visor? into a small business/consumer bar code scanner. Plug the CSM 150 directly into the Springboard? expansion slot at the back of any Visor and electronic shopping capabilities are enabled. The CSM 150 scan module with the Handspring? Visor? Handhelds form a winning combination for a fast-growing list of small business applications. The CSM 150 combines the simplicity of functional design with the thoughtful ergonomic features you'd expect from a Symbol product. Weighing in at less than 5 oz./142 gm, the Visor and CSM 150 are small enough to slip into a pocket or handbag. Easy-to-reach buttons control the scanner functions. A scratchproof scan window and protective housing assure long use under a variety of conditions.

Condition: These are used and in very good to near excellent condition. All sales final, no returns.

Software: The scanner software comes already installed on the card. You can use the desktop software free at PALM.COM to sync the unit.