Turbo Cooker

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Product Description

Enjoy healthy, quick, and easy cooking with the Turbo Cooker. Steam, Fry, Boil, Bake, Braise, and Stew, without oil! This is the healthiest, quickest, and easiest cooking system ever invented!

Cook fish, steak, and chicken, and dessert, all at the same time. And theres no need to worry about your chicken tasting like fish, or your fish tasting like steak, because with the TurboCooker, there is absolutely no flavor transference. The TurboCooker pan can cook a 3-course meal for a family of four, all at the same time!

Includes: The Turbo Base The Turbo Dome Cover The Turbo Steam Rack

Bonus: The Turbo Spring Form Baking Pan 30 Recipe Cards Instructional Video