Tyco Radio Controlled Shell Shocker - 49 Mhz

Tyco Radio Controlled Shell Shocker - 49 Mhz
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Product Description

The Shell Shocker is a radio-controlled toy like none you've ever seen before! Featuring an innovative biomechanical design, this crazy alien invader transforms from cyberball to a cyberbeast as it powers over mud, grass and pavement. It's brash, noisy, rude and incredibly cool, with an out-of-this-world adaptability that fascinates kids and leads to hours of exciting outdoor play.

  • Shell Shocker transforms from a cyberball to a cyberbeast
  • Rolls over mud, grass, dirt, and pavement
  • Kids find this bioadaptability fascinating
  • Unique biomechanical design is unlike any other R/C vehicle
  • Large front wheel allows for flipping action and lets vehicle drive over obstacles
  • Available in 27 MHz and 49 MHz models
  • Both 27 MHz and 49 MHz signals offer superior control and will not interfere with each other, letting you and a friend drive two vehicles simultaneously
  • Requires 1 9 Volt battery

  • Condition:Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90day
  • B000BY5ZBY_xt