Video Camera Security Yard/Office Aluminum Sign & 4 Decals

Video Camera Security Yard/Office Aluminum Sign & 4 Decals

Product Description

Visual deterrent against robbery and shoplift. It reads as "WARNING Protected By 24/7 VIDEO CAMERA Monitoring Services Live/Recorded." Place on the wall or yard, causing would-be intruders to believe that the closed circuit television system (CCTV) or video surveillance system is installed, and all the activities will be recorded. Protest your home, business, and other properties.

The 10" x 10" octagonal aluminum sign has a polyester over laminate to prevent scratching and fading and has over 7 years life (vs. 2 years life for a plastic sign). 2 pre-drilled holes (0.188" in diameter and 8.5" apart) for easy installation. Good for indoor and outdoor uses.

The 4 decals are made of white vinyl, with back adhesive, and measures 4" x 4" each.

Current Promotions: Buy VCSIGNDECAL and get the following two pieces of free decals (white vinyl, back adhesive, 4" x 4". For more information, please refer to item # GPSDECAL4 and BSTDECAL5) "Wirelsss Real Time Satellite GPS Vehicle Tracking Theft Recovery" and "24/7 Beyond Safety".

FEATURES: Durable, weatherproof aluminum sign can last 3 times as long as plastic sign. Easily mount to metal, wood, plastic stake, or wall. The decals/stickers will stick to almost any surface including glass, wood, metal, etc. Copyright Protected design and text 2005.

SPECIFICATIONS: Aluminum sign: 2.5 oz, measures 10" x 10". 2 holes. Window/door/wall decal: measures 4" x 4". White vinyl. Back adhesive.

APPLICATIONS: Home, office, business, day care center, gym, apartment, retail store, self storage, car wash shop, auto dealership, gas station, parking lot, backyard, garden,...