Video Camera Surveillance Security Warning Sticker Decal

Video Camera Surveillance Security Warning Sticker Decal
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Product Description

Visual deterrent against robbery and shoplift. It reads as "WARNING Protected By 24/7 VIDEO CAMERA Monitoring Services Live/Recorded." Causing would-be intruders to believe that the closed circuit television system (CCTV) or video surveillance system is installed, and all the activities will be recorded. Protest your home, business, and other properties. For the matching 10" aluminum yard sign, please see the item # VCSIGN.

The decal is made of white vinyl, with back adhesive, and measures 4" x 4".

FEATURES: The decals/stickers will stick to almost any surface including glass, wood, metal, etc.

SPECIFICATIONS: Window/door/wall decal: measures 4" x 4". White Vinyl. Back adhesive.

APPLICATIONS: Home, office, business, day care center, gym, apartment, retail store, parking lot, backyard, garden,...