VTech Smartville Interactive Teaching Train Set

VTech Smartville Interactive Teaching Train Set
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Product Description

Next stop: Smartville! While other play sets are poised for just play, the VTech Smartville Alphabet Train Station fuels your child s imagination for hours of educational fun. 28 brainy characters talk and teach when placed in hot spots throughout the station. And it does not stop there the learning continues all the way down the track.

Contents include one deluxe play set with 25 Smart Parts and 12 learning activities.

Wind the hands on the station clock to learn time.

Identify letters and their sounds on the light-up display, or move the train acorss the electronic track to hear the alphabet.

Your child will whisk from whistle stop to whistle stop while learning letters, phonics, vocabulary, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, animal sounds, music and more

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