Crazy Cluck Wacky Chicken

Crazy Cluck Wacky Chicken
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Product Description

Love to hate the "Chicken Dance"? This humorous plush chicken gives you the best of both worlds. Activate The Crazy Cluck Chicken and it plays and dances to the "Chicken Dance". Heard enough? Grab his neck and the Crazy Cluck Chicken gasps for breath, squawks and thrashes its feet.

Product Description

We fell in love with this guy the first time we rung his beautiful little neck! Sure, he's cute and all as he sings (clucks?) and dances the infamous Chicken Dance, known for goofing up weddings and family reunions around the world, but the real bonus comes when you literally "choke the chicken" by stretching out his neck - he actually reacts! That's right, he keeps on singing, but with a noticeable impediment in his voice - you have to see and hear it to believe it! (Crazy Cluck the Wacky Chicken)
  • When activated the Crazy Cluck Chicken dances to the "Chicken Dance"
  • Grab his neck and the Chicken gasps for breath, squawks and thrashes feet
  • 13" tall
  • 4 AA batteries included
  • 3+

Condition: Re-Newed