Belkin (F8V3080-APL) TuneCastII Mobile FM Trans-Wht.

Belkin (F8V3080-APL) TuneCastII Mobile FM Trans-Wht.
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Product Description

Now you can use your iPod, PDA, MP3, CD, cassette player, PC, or laptop to listen to your favorite tunes through any FM stereo
receiver. The Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter connects
portable music players to your car or home stereo quickly and
easily using FM radio waves. Just plug the TuneCast II into the
headphone jack of your iPod, PDA,MP3, CD, or cassette player; or
connect it to your PC or laptop computer. Tune your car stereo or
receiver to any clear FM frequency, and enjoy your iPod music
experience with more sound and fewer wires.
We add a great convenience feature with our unique Auto ON/OFF function. It frees you from having to manually toggle your TuneCast
IIs ON/OFF switch by simply powering on when an audio signal is detected. If no signal is detected for a period of 60 seconds, your TuneCast II switches off. This innovation preserves battery life
while making your outstanding mobile audio experience simpler to enjoy.
TuneCast II also features 4 programmable memory slots allowing you to save the clearest station wherever you go.
TuneCast II also includes a 14-inch cable that delivers power when used with the Belkin F8V7067-APL Mobile Power Cord for iPod, so that you can preserve your batteries for times when you are away from an alternate source. 
Transmits on FM channels 88.1MHz-107.9MHz 
Memorize up to 4 FM frequencies 
Powers on and off automatically 
Features low-battery LED indicator 
Includes DC cable for optional battery-free operation - Only works with
the Belkin Mobile Power Cord for 3G iPod (part: F8V7067-APL) 
Operating Range: 10-30 feet (a distance of 10 feet or less will minimize
interference and provide the strongest signal) 
Includes 2 AAA batteries so you can play your music anywhere 
Audio Frequency Range: 50Hz to 15Khz 
The Mobile FM Transmitter is only available for use and sale in North