Wasa Wood Hand Crafted 34 Inch Length Model Ship

Wasa Wood Hand Crafted 34 Inch Length Model Ship
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Product Description

This beautifull hand crafted model ship measures 34 inches long.Original Royal ship dimensions: 54.9m length, 11.7m beam, and a 4.9m draft. Hull: Wood, Complement: 145 crew, 300 soldiers, and cannon armament. Designer: Henrik Hybertson de Groot & Henrik Jacobson, Built: Royal Dockyard, Stockholm, 1628. When she set sail on her maiden voyage, the ship of the line Wasa was the most impressive ship in the Swedish Navy. Unfortunately, it sunk within minutes not even a mile from shore. She was raised and salvaged later to join the Royal fleet.

- This beautiful ship was made and assembled by experienced artisans,with hours and hours of labors involved
- Fully assembled, ready for display
- Includes Stand
- Made of different kind of woods to give a distinguish and extraordinary colors of natural wood grains
- Shipped in wood crate with a carton box covered outside for maximum protection