ZoobMover Power Building Set

 ZoobMover Power Building Set
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Product Description

The ZOOBMover Power Building Set adds a new dimension to open-ended building. Kids snap, click, and pop ZOOB pieces onto the ZOOBMover to create anything they can imagine--from creatures to robots to sculptures. When they're done building, they make their creations move with the remote control unit. And because ZOOB pieces move after kids put them together, they can transform their creations or take them apart and build new ones, over and over again. The ZOOBMover is an ideal add-on to existing ZOOB collections, but it includes plenty of pieces for first-time ZOOB builders too.

* Moves forward, backward, left, and right
* Spins in tight or wide circles
* Dual steering levers provide maximum control
* The best way to make ZOOB move!


* 50 ZOOB pieces
* ZOOBMover
* Remote Control Unit
* 6 Rubber-tipped Feet (for traction)
* 4 AA batteries and 1 9V battery
* 3 Instruction Guides

  • Condition: Re-newed