Antibacterial Platinum Mop - As Seen on TV

Antibacterial Platinum Mop - As Seen on TV
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The revolutionary PVA Mop uses Super Absorbent Power for easier, faster cleaning! It holds 10 times more than other mops without dripping. It is great for kitchen and bathroom, and is perfect for hardwood floors, patios, wood, windows, ceilings, cabinets, walls, and doors. Its easy wringing action and long telescoping handle mops and cleans just about everywhere and anything. Stop wasting time cleaning and re-cleaning a dirty house. Get the job done right the first time with the new Platinum Series vacuum action mop. PVA 10X Platinum Series vacuum action mop is the only mop to own! FREE Antibacterial Cleaner Concentrate included. This cleaner concentrate is effective against salmonella, germs, bacteria, viruses, fungus, e. coli, strep, staph, mold, mildew, athlete's foot fungus, grease, grime, dirt, food stains, odors, and more!"

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