Air-O-Swiss 2055D Digital Air Washer

Air-O-Swiss 2055D Digital Air Washer
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Product Description

The 2055D naturally cleanses the air of smallest air borne particles (e.g. dust, pollen, certain odors). The air is humidified by special humidifying discs which render traditional replacement filters unnecessary. D stands for Display which is a real innovation! The integrated hygrostat gives not only the opportunity to adjust the desired humidity but also provides the current relative humidity without being in operation. The unit tells you what maintenance it needs: on the display appears a reminder when to clean the unit and when to change the Ionic Silver StickŪ. For a better adhesion the AOS 2055D is fitted with a pre-ionization which draws dust particles into clusters which are then collected by the discs. Additionally the different magnetic force of attraction kits the particles on the discs.


  • Washes the air clean of particles under 0.5 micrometers
  • Recommended for rooms up to 750 sq. ft.
  • Clean and germ-free water thanks to the Ionic Silver Stick
  • Whisper-quiet mode
  • Pre-ionizer feature
  • No traditional replacement filters thanks to the disk component
  • Digital display in blue digits with current and desired humidity, even without operating the unit
  • Display reminders for unit cleaning and changing the Ionic Silver Stick
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the removable cover
  • Transparent and detachable water tank with handle
  • 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty on parts