Audiovox VBP-2000 vbp2000 "Video-In-A-Bag," with 5-Inch LCD TFT Screen

Audiovox VBP-2000 vbp2000 "Video-In-A-Bag," with 5-Inch LCD TFT Screen
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Product Description


  • AC/Heavy Duty Canvas Bag with Handle/Shoulder Strap
  • Flip-up mobile TV with 5-inch LCD TFT screen; 10.82 x 13.58 x 4.92 inches W x H x D
  • 2 Front Mounted Headphone Jacks, A/V Input Jacks
  • 12-Volt Cigarette Lighter Adapter for In-Car Use and AC/DC Power Adapter for in Home Use
  • Dual Speakers Mounted on Sides of Unit

    This Audiovox mobile video system sets up in minutes. Just place the straps over the front seats of your car and your backseat passengers can watch videos, movies, or even play video games on the flip-up 5M-^T color LCD screen. This system features front A/V input jacks and comes with its own 12-Volt adapter. You can listen to the dual built-in speakers or use the 2 headphone jacks for private listening.

    Product Description

    Are We There Yet? Keep the kids entertained on your next road trip with the VBP2000 Video-In-A-Bag and those infamous words may be a thing of the past. Includes a video cassette player with an attached 5" flip-up LCD screen and built-in speakers, all in a lightweight, easy to carry heavy-duty canvas bag. Going from movies on the road to video games in the hotel room is a snap with the front-mounted A/V input jacks and included AC power adaptor. Special purchase, quantities are limited. And at a price like this they're sure to sell out quick!

    Owner Reviews, Ratings, Comments and Criticism

    I bought this product for car rides and to watch videos in hotels and on a cruise ship. This is a terrific product. We use it in an suv and a small BMW sedan and it fits fine in between the front seats. My son sits in a booster seat in the middle and it is no problem. It sets up in minutes and tethers tightly to the seat framing. The picture and sound are perfect and the unit itself feels very sturdy. We originally bought the 4 inch but exchanged it for the 5 inch when it went on sale the next week. The 4 inch was ok in the car but the 5 inch is much better for using on a table top. If you take long car rides or stay in hotels regularly, this is a must have and the Audiovox is by far the best on the market. It folds up in the backpack provided and can be carried anywhere

  • Condition: Re-newed.
  • Warranty: 90 days
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