Backyardigans Bobblin' Big Top

Backyardigans Bobblin' Big Top
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Product Description

The Bobblin' Big Top delivers music, surprises and bobblin' movement. It starts off as the backyard from the beginning of every Backyardigans episode, playing the theme song that kids love. Then, with the press of a button, the backyard transforms and the house rotates to expose a full circus tent. The top of the tent pops up, three rings pop out, and the performers take their places.

Performers include bobblin' Master of Ceremonies Tyrone, bobblin' High Diver Pablo and bobblin' Clown Uniqua. They can bobble up with balloons, dive off the high dive, shoot from the cannon and bobble along the trapeze. Simply place the figures on the "hot spots," pull the lever and watch them move and groove. And all the while, kids will join in the fun by bobblin' along to Backyardigans music. Includes 3 "AA" batteries. Measures 16"L x 13.6"W x 12.75"H.

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