Terk HDtv Antenna Amplified

Terk HDtv Antenna Amplified
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Product Description

Receives all available UHF/VHF local & HDTV broadcasts / Provides outstanding high-definition TV reception / Can clamp to existing satellite dish mast

  • Provides outstanding high-definition TV reception.
  • Highly Directional UHF elements reduces signal interference.
  • High average return loss for better reception and performance.
  • Amplification improves picture quality.
  • Includes versatile mounting kit for installation on wall, attic and roof. Can also clamp to exisitng satellite dish mast.

    Product Description Amplified high-definition tv reception for free local HDTV broadcasts. Most HDTV local broadcasts can't be received by either satellite or cable alone: You need an HDTV antenna. You get the most from your HDTV entertainment system with this off-air antenna. The high-performance Amplified HDTV Outdoor Antenna is a powerful yet compact antenna for both UHF and VHF local reception of channedl 2 through 69, so you'll be able to enjoy free local HDTV broadcasts. The Amplified HDTV Outdoor Antenna connects to your television via coaxial cable (not included). The HDTV Amplified Outdoor Antenna is engineered to receive 1080i HDTV broadcasts not always available on satelitte or cable. This compact, amplified, highly directional VHF/UHF anteena utilizes a log periodic UHF element with VHF rear reflector element. It's not always convenient to mount an outdoor antenna on your roof. Luckily, the Amplified HDTV Outdoor Antenna can be mounted anywhere, thanks to the included mini-mast bracket that will mount to a wall, the roof or even in your attic. The Ampified HDTV Outdoor Antenna will also mount on standard DBS or DirecTV dish masts.
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